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Dramatic Art Enrichment

Established in 1991, The Rainbow Company continues to offer the best Inter-Active Children’s Theatre (IACT™) and Dramatic Arts Education for energetic, artistic, dramatic arts students between 3 and 13 years.

Washington Redskins' Santana Moss on theatre art.

"Drama Class isn't just for girls..."

"Theatre is a great opportunity for self expression. Being involved in theatre is a big part of who I am today. Children should have the opportunity to try different arts activities as they grow progress. Theatre gives them a well rounded base to draw from and a greater appreciation for the work it takes to produce any kind of performance, whether it's on stage or the playing field. Theatre, dance and music are just like any sport; you are part of a team. Real teams always work together."

Preschool Drama • Preschool through Kindergarten.
Preschool Drama is designed especially for children who love to imagine, pretend, and dress up! Each week a certified Rainbow Company Dramatic Arts Educator brings partial costumes for a literature based story students first hear and then “play.” Preschool Drama students learn characterization, facial and vocal expression, and basic stage direction. :30 min.

Creative Drama™ • Kindergarten through Second Grade.
Creative Drama™ is just as exciting and available to children who also love to imagine, pretend and dress in a variety of costumes. Each week, our instructor tells a different story for the students to practice and expand necessary theatrical skills. Costumes are provided for the number of students in each class. Students learn characterization, facial and vocal expression and basic stage direction. The last class will conclude with a demonstration for parents. :60 min.

Beginning Drama™ • Second and Third Grade. - SCRIPTED
Beginning Drama is the best of both worlds. A sixty minute class designed around a brief script. The last class concludes with a short performance for parents and friends. A literature based curriculum, like all others, the Beginning Drama™ program puts emphasis on reading and adaptation to stage direction. Each class begins with a warm-up followed by stage direction exercises and then work on the selected script. Character development skills grow through additional theatre games. Scripts are chosen based on the number of students in the class. :60 min.

Curtain Call™ • Third Grade and Older. - SCRIPTED
Curtain Call™ is designed for the reading student and challenges the imagination. Students learn character development through the text, the mechanics of blocking, projecting and all aspects of behaving realistically before a live audience. A script is provided and the students memorize their lines, memorize their blocking, and work together as a cast. Curtain Call™ provides opportunities for individuals who, not wishing to be on stage, would like to help in production, direction, or design of a performance. Partial costumes are provided for the final performance, taking place on the last day of class. The performance is for parents, relatives and friends of the students in Curtain Call™. :60 - :90 min.

Rainbow Summer Theatre Workshop™ • All Levels.
Designed around available schedule and client needs. Venues vary from region to region and summer to summer. If you are interested in sponsoring a workshop, please contact Christopher at The Rainbow Company for more information.

VIDS™ / MovieMakers: Upper Grades.

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